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The Secret to Long-Lasting Love & Happiness, Part 2

The Secret to Long Lasting Love and Happiness in a Relationship, PART 2

Getting your essential needs met, and compromising in other ways to make your partner happy, is the secret to long-lasting love and happiness in a relationship. In other words, it’s a healthy balance of self-love and partner-love. (For a refresh on where this soul-searching adventure began, click here to reread PART 1.) After identifying that necessary […]

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3 Simple Steps to Confident Decision-Making

Do you find yourself procrastinating about making a decision hoping it will somehow work itself out? Are you doubting your ability to make a good choice, and worrying about the possible outcomes? Are you questioning all of your past decisions, and coming up feeling incompetent? I, too, was filled with self-doubt and worry, and I […]

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