Do you wish you had a deeper connection with your partner?

Do you miss the passion and romance that has deflated over time?

Are you tired of having the same arguments and still feeling like your needs aren't being met?

Small changes make a lasting difference!

I’m Leonie de Picciotto and I help people get to the heart of their relationship challenges and create the happy, passionate relationship they dream of.

After my 25 year marriage ended, I went on a journey of deep learning, training and spiritual discovery. Here's what I found:

To have the loving, caring relationship I wanted, I had to learn how to communicate honestly, without letting my ‘triggers’ get in the way. I learned to listen to my intuition and allow body energy to guide me.

I’ve been helping my clients create connected, deeply fulfilling relationships for more than 10 years by integrating coaching with intuition techniques, awareness skills and shamanic spirit guidance.

During my years of relationship coaching and spiritual training, I have developed processes that lead to deep level change. One of my greatest gifts is helping my clients see beyond their old patterns.

You deserve a happy, passionate, deeply fulfilling relationship, and I know
YOU can create it.

Schedule a free Relationship Discovery session with me and let’s get to the heart of your relationship challenges. We’ll identify what you need to be happy, and how you can create the passionate love relationship you’ve been dreaming of.

I would love to help you take your love life to the next level - whether you’re trying to figure out the relationship you’re in, or you’re struggling to move on from a relationship you aren’t happy with.

~Tiffany H.

"Leonie helped me a great deal with how to communicate honestly with my boyfriend and not cause an upset. I also learned how to clearly communicate my needs, which lead to my happiness and more closeness and connection in my relationship. In fact, I’ve employed both of these skills beyond my relationship and into every aspect of my life. And wow, what a fantastic change! Eternally grateful to you, Leonie!"

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