Congratulations! You’re about to create a lifetime of love and happiness.

My coaching programs help you grow into your best self by being more of who you truly are. You’ll attract your ideal partner and create a lasting, passionate, fun relationship . You deserve to be loved, honored and cherished for the beautiful, unique person you are.


As a high quality individual, you want a partner who loves, honors and cherishes you for who you truly are. You can have all that. In Dating To Find The One, you’ll transform yourself and your ways of dating so you become magnetic to your ideal partner. Together we’re going to uncover what’s been getting in your way, let go of old patterns, clarify what’s essential for you, and bring the real you out of hiding. You’ll get training, guidance and support every step of the way so you can attract the true, lasting love you’ve been yearning for.


You’ve met someone and it’s wonderful! Now what? In Making Your New Relationship Work, you’ll learn how to stop making mistakes from the past, see what’s going right while watching for red flags, and put the relationship first without sacrificing yourself.


To deepen and integrate what you’ve learned in my programs, I offer ongoing private coaching.

It’s a journey. It’s heart opening. It’s exhilarating and fun. 



During our coaching calls, I teach you, guide your processing, and help you strategize your next steps. I provide text/email contact and supplemental resources between calls to support you in bringing your learning into action in your daily life. You have continual access to me to keep you focused on what’s most important to you, and ensure that you continue to move forward.

You can expect complete confidentiality, love and care, a strong partnership, new ways of being in your life, firm boundaries, the ability to stand for yourself, a boost in self-confidence, better relationships, more effective communication, happiness and a lot to celebrate!

You can count on me to hold you accountable.

You can count on me to tell you the truth.

You can count on me to see you as your greatest self.

And you can count on me to love and care about you unconditionally.

I believe in you and I know what’s possible for you.

Together, we can make it happen. Schedule a True Love Discovery Session with me and let’s explore what true love is for you, and what underlying challenges are getting in your way. You’ll walk away with a plan to help you find the true, lasting love you deserve and if it looks like we’re a good match, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you. No hype, no pressure, no magical promises. Just what will serve you best.