About Me

You are a beautiful soul who is yearning for true lasting love. You’ve been longing for a partner, someone who meets you on every level, and you are ready. So how do you attract this high-quality partner and create a lifetime of love and happiness?

My name is Leonie de Picciotto and I help smart, successful women and men over 40 grow into their best selves and attract true, lasting love by showing more of who they truly are.

I was struggling after my 25 year marriage ended. I was desperately seeking a relationship. And not just any relationship but the perfect partnership with the perfect man. Like you, I was determined not to make the same mistakes I had made in the past, but just telling myself that didn’t make a difference. 

I went to therapy, I read self-help books, and I took personal growth seminars. And then I discovered there were some things in my blind spot that were keeping me from my ideal partner.

I couldn’t see that my insecurities were running me. My fear of being seen as the unworthy person I thought I was had me judging others before they could judge me, and never letting down my guard and being vulnerable. This led to many frustrating and disappointing dates. 

Then I saw I had a choice – to continue being the over-protective, judgmental me or to be the loving, open-hearted, genuine me. I got the support I needed and learned how to relax, how to be real and how to speak openly. I learned how to spot the red flags so I didn’t go down the same old relationship road. I learned how to maintain boundaries and ask for what I needed and wanted.

Once I did this inner work and developed the ability to confidently show more of who I truly was, I was ready for love. That’s when I met my guy – fun, interesting and with the cutest southern accent! We’ve been together for over 7 years, and I now have the loving, fun, passionate relationship I was searching for AND I’m giving and receiving love.

I was so excited by the results of this simple but powerful shift that I wanted to help others find the love they deserve. I became a certified coach in 2011, and I’ve been helping women and men over 40 move beyond their own blind spots and find true, lasting love.

We all deserve to be loved for who we truly are, and to be honored, respected and cherished. I believe that love for ourselves and others is what will heal us. 

I am so passionate about this that I give a lot of myself to my clients. I care about their success and happiness and I go above and beyond to guide,  support and celebrate them.  (click here to check out some of the success stories my clients have shared and you’ll see what I mean!)

If you would like my help in finding true, lasting love click here to apply for a complimentary True Love Discovery Session.

You’ll clarify what true love is for you, and you’ll uncover what underlying challenges are getting in your way. You’ll walk away with a plan to help you find the true, lasting love you deserve and if it looks like we’re a good match, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you. No hype, no pressure, no magical promises. Just what will serve you best.

Take care and we’ll talk soon!

Leonie trained at the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has been a Head Coach for Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program in addition to coaching her own clients. Prior to coaching, she was Sr. VP of marketing for The Samuel Goldwyn Company, an independent film and television company. She is the mother of two young-adult children, and lives in Venice, California.