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Leonie de Picciotto Bio

Are your listeners longing for a quality partner and a lifetime of love and happiness?

Leonie de Picciotto helps smart, successful women and men over 40 grow into their best selves and attract true, lasting love.

Leonie has been coaching clients into lasting love relationships since 2011. After her 25 year marriage ended, she discovered that the only way to get the love you want is to look within, and let go of those old behaviors that no longer serve you. That’s where the gold is.

One of her greatest gifts is helping her clients move beyond their own blind spots, so they can find true, lasting love.

Leonie is known for being as real and down-to-earth as she teaches in her coaching. She believes we all deserve to be loved for who we truly are, and that love for ourselves and others is what heals us.


  • Be loved for who you truly are (ultimately, that’s really what we want) – Learn how expressing the real you in dating transforms your love life
  • Are you winning at the dating game?- Discover the top 4 things you must do to attract true, lasting love
  • You’ve met someone great! Now what? – Know how to watch for red flags and put the relationship first without sacrificing yourself.

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